Can't View 360° Virtual Tours?

Virtual Tours use Flash (Adobe). It is recommended that your computer have the latest version of Flash installed. This plug-in is free and safe to install.

>> get latest version of Flash

Loading time and functionality of virtual tours are dependant upon your computer's hardware and internet connection. Broadband connection is recommended. If tours get hung up or take a long time to load, try refreshing the screen by pressing ctr+R.

How Do I Move In Virtual Tours?

You can navigate in a virtual tour by clicking and dragging your mouse pointer within the viewer. Drag your mouse pointer in any direction to control your movement. The faster you drag, the faster you move your perspective.

Can't See Photographs?

Photographs are presented using a JavaScript based viewer. In order for the viewer to launch successfully ALL thumbnails should be fully loaded. If your computer gets hung up loading one of the thumbs, try refreshing the screen by pressing ctrl+R to re-load the page.

If the viewer still does not work, your browser may not have JavaScript enabled. To do so click here for a help file.

To Navigate through the photos, move your mouse pointer to the left or right of an image and click to load the next (or previous) image. This can also be achieved by using your left or right arrow keys on your keyboard.

About 360° Virtual Tours

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